Event Security

At WILLS SECURITY SERVICES Ltd we know that the security requirements of businesses & events are different. We are experts when it comes to planning effective protection. Our security services for event include procedures for emergency evacuation, venue contacts and emergency. We also provide car park security so the clients, visitors and staffs can leave their vehicles with the peace of mind.

Our security officers can also systematically operate lost and found operations if required by a client as it adds immense value to your business to be a safe environment for the lost properties and personal belongings.

WILLS SECURITY SERVICES Ltd can provide you with a specially selected event security team for any type of event. Events that we provide services for include:

  • Boxing & MMA events
  • Festivals
  • Rock & Pop concerts
  • Private parties & Functions
  • Carnivals and Fetes
  • Corporate functions
  • Charity events & fundraisers
  • Sporting events

All staff is trained to control and co-ordinate crowds and handle incidents discreetly, especially in congested areas. The staff we select for festivals are varied and selected according to the specific event, in turn allowing for the profile of the target audience that will be in attendance, for instance a music festival would require a younger more laid back open minded member of staff, where as a Corporate event would require a more mature staff member with a formal approach. This is carefully discussed during the background gathering process when we liaise with a client.

Our Operations manager & Business Managers will work closely with the event organizers and provide additional advice and support where necessary during the planning stages of an event.

If the event is of a nature where it may require this, we would also liaise with the police and emergency Services to ensure that Security and Emergency contingency plans are in place before the opening of your event, and in turn will ensure that all will run smoothly during the event period.

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